School in Tierra Linda

Tierra Linda (Pretty Land) is a small village near Lake Atitlan in the western highlands of Guatemala that is extremely poor.  There are no paved roads or streets in the town and since the village sits at the end of the road there are no through roads.   Most of the people live in adobe mud brick homes and live a subsistence life on meager incomes thru agriculture.  The native language in Tierra Linda is Kachiquel – an indigenous Mayan language and many of the adults do not speak Spanish nor are able to read or write.  The children learn Spanish if they attend school.TL School

The women of Tierra Linda have formed into a women’s group and have started a breakfast program in the little school with the help of an organization called Mayan Families.  Many of the children are malnourished in this area and this breakfast program gives them a nutritious meal of ‘mosh’ which is like oatmeal with lots of vitamins and minerals.  Often times the children only receive tortillas for supper so this breakfast is vital to them!

Tierra LindaWith the help of some international donors the little village was able to begin building 2 new classrooms.  The men of the village have been supplying the labor to build the new classrooms but furnishings are still needed — teacher desks, a table and bookshelf for each classroom is needed and Education And More will be checking on this project during the January trip.  The school desperately needs a library for books for the children to read since there are none in the village.  Most children need school supplies to begin school in January. tlgirl.jpg One volunteer told us that she saw a mother looking for paper in the town dump to glue them together to make a little notebook so her child could go to school with it.   

Education And More will be donating Spanish language books to start a library and also will be delivering school supplies to the students in January.  Won’t you help this project?  Ask your women’s group, Sunday School or church to help collect school supplies or collect donations to purchase the needed items.  We appreciate all your help with educating these little ones in Guatemala!


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