Do I Share?

I am rarely hungry.  I have never felt what it is to be hungry and not have food to eat.  I have never been malnourished.  I have a roof over my head — in fact  I have a nice home —heated when it is cold and cooled when it is hot.  I have so much………… and do realize it is my responsibility to share the blessings the Lord has given me. 

At times it is esay to get complacent with my sharing of blessings.  Do I share so more children can eat?  so more families can have a home? so more children can go to school and receive an education to break out of poverty?  Do I hoard too many of my blessings……but then who knows I might need it in the future! 

I recently read in Mission Network News that UNICEF estimates there are over 370,000 orphans in Guatemala and that over 70% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line. 370,000 is a staggering figure! Incomprehensible really!

Education is so vitally important for all children and especially for the children in orphanges.  Education is a road out of poverty.  Please pray for these children and help us do all that is possible to help them.

Each one of knows deep in our heart whether we share or hoard. Become a missionary while at home——– pray for the orphans and other children in Guatemala.


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