Make a Difference With Your Purchases!

With the Christmas season upon us I would like to remind you about Fair Trade companies and Fair Trade products that are available in stores and online. Each and every one of us can make a difference in the lives of poor people around the world and help them raise themselves out of that poverty — one purchase at a time.

  1. Look for fair trade labels on products   fair-trade.jpg There are thousands of food and handcrafts items that have been certified by fair trade guidelines.
  2. Search out fair trade organizations and become familiar with their products.
  3. Request fair trade products when you are shopping. Ask to have that cup of coffee made with fairly traded coffee and in gift shops specifically ask which gifts are fair trade.
  4. Be vocal about why you are purchasing Fair Trade products.
  5. Promote fair trade products whenever possible.mediumftomark.jpg
  6. Take a trip to see fair trade in action. Education And More will have a mission trip in 2008 and participants will be able to see the people behind our fair trade products and learn how the women make the products.  Classes will be taught in the weaving process that is used in the Mayan Highlands.

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