Education Is Key!


Educational statistics for Guatemala are very misleading unless you take into account the actual statistics for the rural children which are quite differenct than stats for the urban/city children. 

            “A 2004 World Bank study, the most recent available, found that 76 percent of the indigenous population lived in poverty, compared with 41 percent of the non-indigenous population.”

            “Rural indigenous persons had limited educational opportunities and fewer employment opportunities. Many of the indigenous were illiterate, and approximately 33 percent did not speak Spanish. More than 50 percent of indigenous women were illiterate; and a disproportionate number of indigenous Selling in the streetsgirls did not attend school. During the year the Population Council reported that indigenous people completed 1.3 years of school on average, compared with 4.2 years for non-indigenous persons.”     U.S. Dept of State 

            At the Evangelical Lutheran Church   website on Guatemala the areas of concern include malnutrition, iliteracy and infant mortality which are among the highest in Central America.  USAID states that rural indigenous children generally only go to school for 2-3 years. 

            When these statistices glare out at us what do we do about it?  Do we concentrate on more pressing matters in our lives?  What do we focus on in our lives?  How do we help our neighbor? With the internet and the connectedness of our world it is now easy to help our neighbors in Guatemala.

            Education And More believes that education is the key to overcoming poverty and is committed to helping as many children as possible attend and stay in school and help their families overcome the poverty. Instead of selling trinkets or shining shoes on the street let’s get these children in school!  Shining Shoes

            Together we can make a difference!!   



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