A Loan To Make a Belt

Many people find it hard to believe that there are people who don’t have enough money to start a little business making belts but in Tierra Linda and many other villages that is precisely what happens.  With the poverty like it is, it is impossible for women to raise themselves out and make a living for their family without some help.   

The Grameen Bank, of micro-credit loan fame, has been making small loans to women in Tierra Linda to enable them to help themselves.  According to the article   Microfinancing Takes Root in Guatemala  Grameen Bank and Whole Foods Grocery has given out thousands of loans to women in Central Guatemala.  

It talks of women in Tierra Linda, Guatemala like Juliana using a loan to expand her little grocery store and Teresa using her loan to buy materials to make belts to sell at the market. From loans as small as $100, women are pulling themselves out of poverty.       

Education And More will be purchasing artisan crafts in Tierra Linda and San Jorge to help the women in their small crafts business.  You can help by purchasing the crafts when you need a gift— help a woman thousands of miles away!                  


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