A Standing Ovation!

Education And More would like to give a big thank you to all the students in Mrs. Crooks 6th grade class for their project focusing on Guatemala  and for the collection of school supplies and plush animals for the children in Tierra Linda, Guatemala.

The class project was a great way to learn about life in another country — Guatemala — during their social studies class.  In addition to the studying, they formed committees  to make flyers, create collection boxes, distribute flyers in the school and in the town and make the collections.  The students were extremely successful in the drive to collect for Tierra Linda. 

One student told me that his “baby brother already has a room full of toys and gifts and he isn’t even  born yet!”  This young man was so surprised that children didn’t have toys in other countries.  The 6th grade students learned a lot!  Thanks Mrs. Crook and Mrs. Lord.

Do you share your extra like the students do?  Please give generously out of the blessings that God has given to you!


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