Only $1

      Education and More has offered a challenge to students everywhere —– please help us educate the children in western highlands of Guatemala with a donation of $1.00—–only $1. 


        Many children in this area of Guatemala cannot afford to go to school because they can’t afford to buy pencils, paper or books or pay the school fees. They are suffering from malnutrition which makes it difficult to learn.

     Did you know that a dollar will buy:

  •             pencils for the school year

  •             enough oatmeal to feed breakfast to 15 students

  •             notebook


Get together with your classmates or your club or scout troop and raise dollars to help the children.

  •             $5 will buy a book for a student

  •             $10 will buy school supplies for a year for a student

  •             $20 will supply food for the family for a week

 Send your $1 to:

Education And More

P.O. Box 201

Burlingame, KS  66413


How many friends can you tell about this challenge!  Email this post to everyone you know and help the children learn to read and write!!

Only $1 —  Only $1


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