Fair Trade??


In the next few posts I would like to concentrate on Fair Trade — you might be thinking, “what exactly is fair trade & why should I care to read about it?”

            Fair trade is really a simple concept —  paying a fair price for a product to the maker/grower of that product.  Of course, there are more components to fair trade, but I’ll go into more detail on those in the next few posts. 

            Fair trade had its beginnings in faith-based organizations around the time of WWII & was to help producers in developing countries earn a more equitable price for their labors.  My first glimpse into fair trade in action was an educational trip to Nicaragua in 2004 to learn more about the fair trade coffee industry.  It was an eye-opening trip and it  cemented my commitment to promote fair trade. 

            Now that Education And More not only helps educate children in the Lake Atitlan area but also gives a market outlet to groups in the community we are putting into practice what we believe. To help the communities we follow fair trade practices and are in the process of filling for certification.  When we purchase or promote fairly traded products it is a way we can live our faith – to help our neighbors around the world; to give them a fair wage for their labor.

            The artisan groups we work with know that we not only pay a fair price for their products but our profits go back to the community to reduce poverty and educate children. Their many beautiful handmade products are on the Education And More website. 

            Remember the bargain you received was made possible only thru the low price paid to the maker of that product!


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