Hurricane Stan San Juan La Laguna

San Juan La Laguna mudslideSan Juan La Laguna was one of the villages on the shores of Lake Atitlan that suffered major damage from Hurricane Stan in 2005.  The torrential and sustained rains caused mud slides from the hills to flow thru the town burying houses and everything in its path.  An online video shows the destruction of Hurricane Stan in Panajachel which is on the other side of the lake from San Juan.

While in San Juan this summer I saw the damage first hand.  People have not been allowed to move back into the mudslide area because of the probability of it happening again.  People are living in tents donated by USAid.  The river of mud has dried and remains in the streets and areas where it flowed.  However, I also saw and felt the hope of a new season — school children were taking donated tree seedlings up the mountainside to help reforest the hillside.    

Street in San Juan La Laguna There is an excellent article explaing how the village has worked together to recover from the effects of Stan in the October, 2006 issue of Revue Magazine. You can down load the article (on page 92) in PDF format from this link.

In this season of hurricanes that appears to be intensifying please keep the people of these villages in your prayers!


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