Tortillas And Salt

I love tortillas!  I make tortillas nearly every week — maybe you love tortillas and make them every week also.  But, when you have a meal do you only eat tortillas?  Probably not.

Many of the Mayan children in the western highlands of Guatemala have tortillas and salt as a meal when the family has no other food and many times this might be the only meal of the day!Making Tortillas

The basic diet for many children in this area is tortillas or bread and coffee in the morning; beans, rice and tortillas for lunch; and tortillas and coffee for dinner again. However, the diet of many children from poor families consist of tortillas and salt. There are a lot of malnourished children — government statistics say that 49% of children are malnourished!

State Department statistics say that “about 80% of the population lives in poverty, and two-thirds of that number–or 7.6 million people–live in extreme poverty.  Chronic malnutrition among the rural poor worsened with the onset of the crisis in coffee prices.” Read more about it at State Department Watcher.

Education And More may be unable to feed every malnourished child in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala but we also know that a small contribution makes a big difference in the lives we do touch!  Won’t you help us!


2 Responses to “Tortillas And Salt”

  1. Dora Says:

    Hey I was trying to find some pictures of traditional Guatemala on google and it brought me to your site. I read a little, and being from Guatemala I just want to say that its awesome that you are trying to tell people more about it.

  2. educationandmore Says:

    Thanks! We will be posting lots more pictures after our upcoming trip!

    Be sure to check out our website Education And More

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