Not Surprising Stats!

The statistics concerning education and poverty among the rural indigenous of Guatemala are shocking but Education And More is determined to make a difference!

 According to USAID, “57% of Guatemalans live on less than $2 a day and 21.5% live in extreme poverty of less than $1 a day.  49% of the children under 5 have chronic malnutrition.” 

At all levels of schooling, the poor— particularly girls and rural indigenous children of both genders—have less access to basic education. These gender and cultural gaps are most pronounced by comparing the average education levels of urban, non-indigenous males (8.0 years) with rural, indigenous females (1.2 years). Two thirds of Maya first graders are taught by teachers who neither understand nor speak the children’s maternal languages.”

 The families and students need help to be able to attend school and go on to higher education so that they are able to compete in the marketplace but malnutrition stands in the way of learning much of the time . According to UNICEF Some 75,000 severely malnourished children have been identified, a consequence of three simultaneous emergencies: chronic poverty, drought and the coffee crisis. Some 67 per cent of indigenous children suffer from chronic malnutrition. More children at younger ages are entering the labour force.”

Education And More works in the western highlands around Lake Atitlan where there is much extreme poverty within the indigenous Mayan communities. Check out our website and help where you can!


2 Responses to “Not Surprising Stats!”

  1. loren mollner Says:

    I wish to start a micro loan program in the Western Highlands and need to find a group with some exprience and non profit status to work through.

  2. educationandmore Says:

    Education And More does not have a micro credit loan program as of now and it will probably be 1-2 years before we develop it. Mayan Families is a group working out of Panajachel and they do have a loan program already started so you might contact them. We would be happy to assist you concerning fair trade products or school sponsorship. Kare

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