The Women Who Weave

weavers in San JuanWe work with two women’s groups in San Juan La Laguna and one group of women in San Jorge La Laguna. Grupo Viudas Ancianas is a group of older widowed women who try to support themselves and their families with their weavings. Petrona, a woman who helps her friends sell their weavings, invited seven of the weavers to come to her home to show how they weave. It was fascinating to watch the weaving! They use a backstrap loom, called a lienzo, which is tied to a post, a tree or a chair and they usually sit on the floor or ground to do the weaving. Weavings can take 3 days or 3 months! It is really intriguing.  Education And More plans to take a group of women there next year to learn how to do this style of weaving!

Much of the yarn they use is cotton and they hand-dye it with natural tints. These natural dyes are made of local plants and foods such as: carrots for an orange color; an herb called chipilin for a green color; cochinia for a pink color; coconut shells for a beige/brown color. These make beautiful soft colors for their weavings!



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