A Gift From Diego…..

Diego’s DrawingSan Juan La Laguna is a charming village on the shores of Lake Atitlan and is small enough that children are free to roam through the village without their parents worrying.  While in San Juan we got to know many of the children at the school and sometimes we would have children visit us in the courtyard of our hotel which was across the street from the school.  One shy little boy, Diego, was visiting us and spied some oranges that I had sitting on a chair.  He never did ask for them but told me that they were very healthy for people.  When he left I gave him one of them and he was so surprised and shy all he could do was smile. 

The next morning he followed me from the school and just before I got to the hotel he gave me a folded up piece of paper. He said it was a gift to me.  I opened it and he had drawn a picture of flowers for me.  His drawing is shown here.  I never saw him again— we left in a couple of days, but I hope to say ‘hi’ to him again the next time I am in San Juan. Thanks, Diego for your friendship and the drawing!


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