‘read, ‘rite, ‘rithmatic

Being able to read, write, use the computer and speak Spanish and English opens a world of new possibilities for the Mayan children in the villages around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  Nothing new in that statement!  But— in these little villages there is not the opportunities  that abound in the United States.   If you are just learning of our organization, Education And More, we hope this blog will show you our committment in helping the children, their families and their communities. 

Most of the Mayan children learn a Mayan dialect — T’zutujil, Kaqchikel or Quiche — at home with their families but when or if they are able to go to school they must learn Spanish because  that is the official language of Guatemala. 

Being able to go to school will be the difference between subsistence living and a job or career that can support them as adults.  We are passionate that all children should have this opportunity!

Our first priority is the schools but we recognize that we must also extend our help to the students, their families and even the communities in order to provide that education to the children. 

Please join us!! Visit our website:  http://www.educationandmore.org


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